Re: [isabelle] Problems in isabelle installation

On Sun, 11 Jan 2009, manish surolia wrote:

> I get the below error when I try to use Isabelle in windows platform.
> c:\Win16App\isabelle\Isabelle2008\bin>sh isabelle
> C:/Win16App/isabelle/Isabelle2008/lib/scripts/getsettings 33: source: C:/Win16Ap
> p/isabelle/Isabelle2008/bin/isabelle-interface 19: syntax error: got (), expecting {

> I am using the below packages to run it in windows-XP (SP2)
> HOL_x86-cygwin.tar.gz     
> ProofGeneral.tar.gz
> Isabelle2008.tar.gz       
> polyml_x86-cygwin.tar.gz
> which I downloaded from
> I have emacs,perl and mks(for linux environment) installed in my PC.

MKS is the problem.  You really need Cygwin here, with full bash and perl, 
and regular Posix semantics of everything.

Also make sure that packages "xinit" and "xterm" of Cygwin are installed 
-- the Cygwin/X people have changed a few things recently.


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