Re: [isabelle] Elim resolution

Historical Isabelle documentation is available, along with other old papers, at this webpage:

Various other Isabelle related papers of mine can be downloaded from another webpage:

There are indeed a lot of insights to be gained from these old papers, but please bear in mind that they refer to earlier versions of Isabelle and many of the examples in them may no longer work.

Larry Paulson

On 12 Jan 2009, at 13:22, Christian Doczkal wrote:

Hello Chris

I'm reading "Introduction to Isabelle", which has a very nice few
chapters on the low-level user-visible parts of Isabelle. I'm
surprised it's not linked from the Documentation page on the main

Can you give me a link to this? "Introduction to Isabelle" is a very
unfortunate search term for web search ...
Christian Doczkal

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