Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2008

Thanks for the suggestions.

This looks like you have a recently updated Mac OS X with X11 provided by Apple. The X11 display by Apple is to blame -- something like 3 weeks ago it stopped supporting symbol copy-paste in XEmacs as it seems. It does not matter if XEmacs is run locally on the Mac or remotely on a Linux box, with local display on Mac OS.

I can imagine that both Apple and XEmacs maintainers have screwed it up -- if there are any XEmacs maintainers left at all. You could try to install a different X11 for Mac OS, such as

I just tried this but no luck, copy/paste still doesn't work correctly.

Note that on Mac OS, GNU Emacs 22/23 is represented by Aquamacs and Carbon Emacs, which both work somehow.

I tried these versions out, but the xsymbol keyboard shortcuts I'm used to don't work there, at least with Isabelle2008.

It was still worth a try...


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