Re: [isabelle] x-symbols and AFS?

On Wed, 15 Jul 2009, Randy Pollack wrote:

My computer support group just moved my home directory from NFS to AFS
(distributed file system).

I'm having trouble running isabelle with xsymbols.  (GNU Emacs 22.3.1)

 isabelle emacs -p emacs mythy.thy

In the emacs *Warnings* buffer I see

 Error (x-symbol): Couldn't add /afs/ to X font path

exists, and has expected permissions

Strange.  Maybe Emacs just does not like AFS.

You can try to use these fonts via the X11 fontserver protocol, e.g. like this in your Isabelle settings file:

  XSYMBOL_INSTALLFONTS="xset fp+ tcp/"

This refers to a public font service at TUM.


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