Re: [isabelle] x-symbols and AFS?


Lucas Dixon figured this out.

Apparently the x-server runs as a process owned by root(?) but not by
me, so my AFS authorisation doesn't let it read these files.

Makarius' suggestion works:
  xset fp+ tcp/

but obviously is not really satisfactory.

Lucas suggested to make the ProofGeneral/x-symbol/etc/pcf/ directory
readable by system:anyuser

  fs setacl -dir SOME_PATH -acl system:anyuser read

This allows ProofGeneral with x-symbols to apparently work (I don't see
any problem) although, mysteriously, on startup of ProofGeneral I
still get the error message

  Error (x-symbol): Couldn't add
to X font path

in my *Warnings* buffer.

Makarius writes:
 > On Wed, 15 Jul 2009, Randy Pollack wrote:
 > > My computer support group just moved my home directory from NFS to AFS
 > > (distributed file system).
 > >
 > > I'm having trouble running isabelle with xsymbols.  (GNU Emacs 22.3.1)
 > >
 > >  isabelle emacs -p emacs mythy.thy
 > >
 > > In the emacs *Warnings* buffer I see
 > >
 > >  Error (x-symbol): Couldn't add /afs/ to X font path
 > >
 > > /afs/
 > > exists, and has expected permissions
 > Strange.  Maybe Emacs just does not like AFS.
 > You can try to use these fonts via the X11 fontserver protocol, e.g. like 
 > this in your Isabelle settings file:
 >    XSYMBOL_INSTALLFONTS="xset fp+ tcp/"
 > This refers to a public font service at TUM.
 >  	Makarius

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