Re: [isabelle] ProofGeneral font-lock-mode and antiquoatations

Hi Christian,

Christian Doczkal writes:

 > But with font-lock-mode working again it was easy to spot the mistake.
 > There is only a space missing in "FirstSteps.thy". (diff attached,
 > referring to rev d6e9fb662d68, in case someone from the IDP reads this)

 > <   \mbox{ at {text "(op *)"}}:
 > ---
 > >   \mbox{ at {text "(op * )"}}:

I am not sure whether this is also a problem with Emacs
and parsing of comments. It is possible to write

  @{text "(op * )"}

but it produces an ugly space in front of the parenthesis, 
which I would like to avoid. My Xemacs does not choke on 
the original

  @{text "(op *)"}

Would you be able to test, for example by trying out different
emacses, where the problem comes from?


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