[isabelle] Isabelle workshop at FLoC


It's been suggested that I submit a proposal for an Isabelle workshop to
ITP in FLoC 2010 in Edinburgh (http://www.floc-conference.org/).

I know there's been a couple of Isabelle workshops in the last few
years: one this year forthcoming, one previously, the date of which I
forget, and one I organised with CADE in Bremen in 2007.

I remember in 2007 thinking that bi-annually felt about right...

How do people feel towards me (quickly) putting together an Isabelle
workshop for ITP 2010 as part of FLoC in Edinburgh ?

The proposal/format would probably look much like it did before...

yes? no? want to help out? want a different format?

I was only just prodded to consider this and need to get a feeling for
it quickly - the deadline is fast approaching (July 31, Friday), so I am
sorry for the late notice.


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