Re: [isabelle] Isabelle's code generator for Haskell

Dear René,


	export_code ... in Haskell file .. (string_classes)

This is a mere heuristics but until now it worked quite well.

Hope this helps

René Thiemann schrieb:
> Dear Mr Haftmann,
> I wondered whether it is possible to tell the code-generator of Isabelle
> (for Haskell), that it should add "deriving Read" for the datatypes it
> creates. (I did not find any solution in the documentation)
> So instead of getting
> data MyDataType = Red | Blue | Green
> newtype Another = Constr MyDataType
> I would like to have
> data MyDataType = Red | Blue | Green deriving Read
> newtype Another = Constr MyDataType deriving Read
> Of course, I can do this as a postprocessing step on my own, but the
> cleaner solution would be, if I can tell the code-generator to do it.
> Thanks in advance,
> René Thiemann



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