[isabelle] 1 Postdoc and 1 PhD vacancy in the MathWiki project

1 POSTDOC and 1 PHD POSITION in the MathWiki project

           at Radboud University Nijmegen (NL)


The Institute for Computing and Information Science of the Radboud  
University Nijmegen (NL) is looking for 2 researchers to work on the NWO 
project "MathWiki a Web-based Collaborative Authoring Environment for 
Formal Proofs".

The vacancies are:

- a POSTDOC for the period of 3 years
vacancy number: 62-16-09

- a PHD POSITION for the period of 4 years
vacancy number: 62-17-09

The aim of the MathWiki project is to open up to a wider community the 
rich collections of knowledge stored in the repositories of proof 

To this end we will build a web-based collaborative authoring 
environment for formal mathematics, the MathWiki system. This system 
will provide interactive web access through a standardized interface to 
a number of proof assistants. The MathWiki system will also be a 
platform for the development of formal proofs within those proof 
assistants and it will provide high level access (through Wikipedia-like 
web pages) to their repositories of formalised mathematics. These 
repositories will reside on the server.

In the project we will study and further develop Wiki technology and 
semantic web technology, all in the context of proof assistant 
repositories of formalized mathematics. The project thus brings together 
the open nature of Wiki authoring with expertise in Proof Assistants and 
Semantic Web technologies to build a new Wiki for mathematics, 
supporting content creation, search and retrieval.

>From the perspective of the ordinary user of mathematics, MathWiki will 
be important because it will provide high-level mathematical content on 
the web in a much more coherent and precise way than is available at 

>From the proof assistant user perspective, MathWiki will be important 
because it will provide an advanced environment for the collaborative 
authoring of verified mathematics, mediated simply by a web interface.

The MathWiki system will be based on our existing experience with proof 
assistant technology on the web, the "ProofWeb" systems, see 

Requirements for the PhD student position:

- A master's (or equivalent) degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or 
a related field, with a strong interest in proof assistants  and/or 
semantic web technology (preferably both)
- Commitment and a cooperative attitude.
- Very good written and oral English skills.

Requirements for the Postdoc position:

- A PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related field with 
expertise in proof assistants and/or semantic web technology (preferably 
- A strong publication record.
- Commitment and a cooperative attitude.
- Very good written and oral English skills.

Conditions of employment:

The PhD students will be employed for a period of 4 years (40 hrs/week). 
The Postdocs will be employed for a period of 3 years (40 hrs/week). 
Supervision for the projects will be done by Prof. Dr. Herman Geuvers 
and Dr. F. Wiedijk

Postdoc and PhD student will be appointed by the Radboud University 
Nijmegen. Both positions shall start before October 1 2009, but 
preferably earlier.

The salary for the PhD position starts at 2042 Euro per month, 
increasing to 2612 Euro per month in the fourth year.

The maximum salary for the Postdoc is 3755 Euro per month (salary scale 


For more information, see http://www.fnds.cs.ru.nl/fndswiki/Vacancies.
For inquiries about the project and its positions, please contact the 
project leader Prof. Dr. Herman Geuvers (H.Geuvers at cs.ru.nl, +31 
243652603). Interested candidates can ask the project leader for the 
complete project application text.


Deadline for application is May 1, 2009.

Send an application letter with CV and 3 references, mentioning the
vacancy number by e-mail to

RU Nijmegen, FNWI, P&O
mrs. D. Reinders
Postbus 9010
6500 GL Nijmegen

e-mail: pz at science.ru.nl
telephone: +31 243652764

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