Re: [isabelle] Session.tex

The "isabelle usedir" command has an option for this

    -D PATH      dump generated document sources into PATH

For the list of all options just type "isabelle usedir".


Peter Chapman schrieb:
> Hi
> I'm building various LaTeX based documents using Isabelle.  All of it
> works fine, except that now I want to use each individual document as
> part of a larger piece of work.  The problem is that when the Isabelle
> make process completes successfully, I end up with a pdf, and the
> generated session.tex seems to disappear.  Does it disappear?  If not,
> where does the Isabelle make process put it?  The way I'm doing things
> at the minute is deliberately leaving a LaTeX error in the theory file,
> which will then allow me to access the .tex files.
> Thanks
> Peter

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