[isabelle] Isabelle2009 in Cygwin

Hello all,

after having extracted Isabelle2009 to /usr/local I called my script in 

> bash --login -i -c /home/Jens/.isabelle

where .isabelle contains

> /usr/local/Isabelle/bin/isabelle emacs -p xemacs

Now PG started, but the buttons do not work and the menu item "Next.Step" 

>> Unknown logic "HOL" -- no heap file found in:
>>  /home/Jens/.isabelle/heaps/Isabelle2009/polyml-5.2_x86-cygwin
>>  /usr/local/Isabelle2009/heaps/polyml-5.2_x86-cygwin

Everything else is like in Isabelle2008. What can be wrong?


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