[isabelle] CICM 2009 (Calculemus and MKM) - Call for Participation

         Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics CICM 2009
             6 July -- 12 July 2009, Grand Bend Ontario Canada

                         Call for Participation

                *** Early Registration Rate until June 5 ***

The 2009 Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics are a cluster
of related meetings on various aspects of the intelligent treatment of
mathematical information by computers.

The event incorporates the Calculemus and Mathematical Knowledge Management
conferences and a selection of workshops:

    * Compact Computer Algebra
    * Towards a Digital Mathematics Library
    * Mathematical User Interfaces
    * OpenMath
    * Pen-Based Mathematical Computation
    * W3C Workshop on Using Ink in Multimodal Applications

On the conference pages, you will also see the preliminary program and
the abstracts of the plenary talks:

   "Computational Logic and Continuous Mathematics, Pure and Applied,"
   Rob Arthan (Lemma 1 & Queen Mary, University of London, UK)

   "Math-Literate Computers," Dorothea Blostein (Queen's University,

   "Abstraction-Based Information Technology: A Framework for Open
   Mechanized Reasoning," Jacques Calmet (Universitaet Karlsruhe,

   "CAMAL 40 Years On -- Is Small Still Beautiful?"
   John Fitch (University of Bath, UK)

   "Software Engineering for Mathematics,"
   Georges Gonthier (Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK)

   "Some Traditional Mathematical Knowledge Management,"
   Patrick Ion (Math Reviews, USA)

   "Math Handwriting Recognition in Windows 7 and Its Benefits,"
   Marko Panic (Microsoft Development, Serbia)

   "Assembling the Digital Mathematics Library,"
   David Ruddy (Cornell University, USA)

The Fields Institute for the Mathematical Sciences is the principal
sponsor of CICM 2009.   Support of the following is also gratefully

McMaster University, University of Waterloo, Research Western,
University of Western Ontario Faculty of Science, Wilfrid Laurier
University, Maplesoft, ACM Sigsam and the Ontario Research Centre for
Computer Algebra.

The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in
Scotland, with registration number SC005336.

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