Re: [isabelle] Does anyone know how to get rid of => marker in PG4.0?

On Fri, 13 Nov 2009, David Aspinall wrote:

Am I OK to conclude from this exchange that emacs 23.1 is to be considered "blessed"? Trying to get the versioning of the PolyML/Isabelle/PG/Emacs combo right is sometimes... interesting.

Yes, I wish it were easier. The PG distribution has the COMPATIBILITY file, here is the latest version which corresponds to the development release (CVS snapshot):

I rely on advice from users for the Windows/Mac OS X section.

The Isabelle distribution includes its own blessed versions and recommendations.

As we are moving towards the next official release, I would love to see the COMPATIBILITY more or less coincide with what we will recommend on our installation web page.

Any feedback on various Linuxes, Mac OS, Cygwin is particularly welcome. (Native Windows is not used for Isabelle Proof General.)


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