[isabelle] PhD studentships: Reasoning about Relaxed Memory Models

[Could you please bring this to the attention of any suitable
candidates?  Applications from students with experience in programming
language semantics or automated reasoning would be particularly
welcome.  Thanks - Peter]

PhD studentships: Reasoning about Relaxed Memory Models

Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge

We have a number of PhD studentships available for people to work on
the semantics of concurrent programs, focussed especially on the
relaxed memory models of real-world multiprocessors and programming
languages, funded by EPSRC grant EP/H005633 ("Semantic Foundations for
Real-World Systems"):


Initial results from the project can be found here:


The grant can provide maintenance and fees for Home or EU students.
Applications should be received as soon as possible, and at least by
mid-February 2010.  Overseas (non-EU) students may wish to apply to
the Gates/CISS/Cambridge Trusts for the additional costs of overseas
fees, for which the deadline is December 1st/15th 2009:


Applications should be made via the usual method through the Board of
Graduate Studies:



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