Re: [isabelle] Does anyone know how to get rid of => marker in PG4.0?

> Any feedback on various Linuxes, Mac OS, Cygwin is particularly welcome. (Native Windows is not used for Isabelle Proof General.)

I know that xemacs is not a blessed version any more anyway, but one data point that may be interesting nevertheless:

I haven't managed so far to get any version of xemacs from the stable branch to work with Isabelle on Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard). 

The problem is with xemacs, not Isabelle: no version I've tried (current 21.4.22 from macports and fink, 21.4.20_3 from macports, 21.4.22 compiled from source, some other versions compiled from source) manages to start an external process (not even grep). Symptoms vary slightly, but mostly xemacs just hangs and takes 100% of one CPU. All of these work fine with Mac OS 10.5.

Current Carbon Emacs (based on GNU Emacs 22.3.1) seems to work reasonably well with current PG cvs, but only with Unicode Tokens, which frankly by default look horrible. 


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