[isabelle] HOL-Nominal to Isabelle2008

Hi David,

David Streader writes:
 > Hi
 >     I am just rebuilding Isabelle2009. 
 > Unpacking HOL-Nominal_x86-linux.tar.gz  it built directory Isabelle2008 
 > and puts the heaps in there!  
 > Is is safe to move the heaps to Isabelle2009 or is this an old set of heaps?

I am a bit confused what you want to do, or where
the problem is. HOL-Nominal should be fully integrated
with Isabelle 2009 and should always be up-to-date
with every release since 2009. Indeed, the tar-file 
HOL-Nominal_x86-linux.tar.gz from 


puts its content to 


Having downloaded the sources for Isabelle 2009, you
should also be able to rebuild the HOL-Nominal package
manually by typing

 ./build -m HOL-Nominal HOL

inside the directory where the Isabelle sources are

Moving heaps between Isabelle releases, I am sure is
asking for trouble. 

Hope this helps,

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