[isabelle] Open PhD and postdoc positions at ETH Zurich on formal methods and cryptographic protocols: security strengthening transformations

ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Open PhD and postdoc positions on formal methods and cryptographic
protocols: security strengthening transformations

The research group headed by Prof. David Basin at the Swiss Federal Institute
of Technology, Zurich (ETH Zurich) has two open positions for PhD students or
postdoctoral researchers.

The project aims to develop security-strengthening transformations for
cryptographic protocols and provide both formal analysis methods as well as
cryptographic (indistinguishability-based) proof methods for establishing the
correctness of the transformations.  The research of one candidate will focus
on the formal modeling and analysis of the transformations. The other
candidate will focus on developing cryptographic proof methods for such

For this project, we are looking for enthusiastic students or researchers with
interests in the intersection of formal methods and cryptography. A background
in either formal methods or cryptographic proof methods for protocols would be
an asset.

PhD students and postdoctoral researchers are paid employees of the university,
and salary and employment conditions are attractive. The PhD student employed
will be given the opportunity to carry out a PhD in Computer Science at ETH
Zurich, on a topic related to the project. ETH Zurich regulations require
doctoral students to hold a Master's or equivalent degree (e.g. Diplom).

Zurich is a diverse and multicultural city which is consistently rated among
the best cities in the world in which to live. We favor the same sort of
diversity that defines Zurich's cultural makeup and encourage anyone to apply
with interest in formal methods and security, regardless of where you are from.

For further information please contact Cas Cremers at:

  cas.cremers at inf.ethz.ch

Applications should also be sent to Cas Cremers at the email address above.

Applications should include a curriculum vitae, a brief description of research
interests, and, if possible, letters of recommendation from teachers or

The website of the Information Security Group can be found at
and the open positions are described at

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