[isabelle] Error: Pending sort hypothesis

Hi all,

I wanted to prove the following lemma:

  fixes A :: "'a set"
  assumes "finite A"
  obtains f::"'a => nat" and n::"nat" where
    "f`A = {i. i<n}"
    "inj_on f A"

  (* Sledgehammer found a proof: *)
  apply (metis finite finite_imageD id_apply inj_on_inverseI
  (* Here, Isabelle sais: No subgoals
  However, when finnishing the proof: *)
  (* I get the error:
*** Pending sort hypotheses: {finite,semiring_char_0}
*** At command "done".

Ok, I wondered how to prove the theorem from the lemmas given to metis.
But what is happening here behind the scenes, how do these
typeclasses(?) enter the game?


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