Re: [isabelle] Vista Installation

anusha g wrote:
Guys i tried to unzip my files in C:\cygwin\usr\local.
What i got are 2 folders: Isabelle and Isabelle2009.

The folders are actually the same: Isabelle is just a symbolic link to Isabelle2009.

The INSTALL file is a plain text file which explains the installation.

Unzip the other .tar.gz-files, too. You will get folders for ProofGeneral and polyml.

Then, from an xterm window run

/usr/local/Isabelle/bin/isabelle emacs -p xemacs

I need to finish up a college project on this
and i m stuck up with the installation itself..

Better start earlier next time.

Once you have managed the installation, refer to the Isabelle/HOL tutorial for explanations on using the system.


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