Re: [isabelle] -l flag

On Fri, 4 Sep 2009, Christian Sternagel wrote:

It seems as if

 $ isabelle emacs -l image file

does not work as

 $ Isabelle -l image file

did. I do not get any error-message, but end up using the Default image. What is the new way of specifying the image to use on startup?

Strange this should work. In both cases, the Isabelle script is merely a wrapper to ProofGeneral/isar/interface.

Of course, there might be a problem in invoking the correct one in the first place. You can easily see what bash does by adding "set -x" near the beginning of Isabelle2009/lib/Tools/emacs or ProofGeneral/isar/interface -- the latter will set PROOFGENERAL_LOGIC in the very end, before invoking Emacs with Proof General.


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