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Hi Nils,

there is the Isabelle Cookbook, a tutorial for programming Isabelle at the ML level, from the Isabelle documentation project at:

It explains what Scan and SIMPLE_METHOD are good for and how they are typically used.

Hope this helps,

Nils Jähnig schrieb:

I want to understand the hoare_tac.ML (to customize it). the vcg
method is setup at the end of the linked file

and it uses the Scan struct (somehow a parser). is there a
documentation/reference for this Scan? i only found several theories
using it for 'method_setup', and in none of the manuals.
i found something called scan.ML in src/HOL/Import, and there is a
function called succeed (as in the call in the file above) in line
117, but it takes two arguments, whereas in the call there is only one

my next question is, if there is a reference (or someone can explain
me) the SIMPLE_METHOD' construct.

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