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> Hi all,
> I am looking for a way to define algebraic structures
> like, for instance, modules over rings or vector spaces
> over fields in Isabelle/HOL. In particular, I want to
> formulate statements like the following: "The product of
> two vector spaces over a field K is a vector space over
> the field K."
> Concerning locales, I found the vectorspace-locale of the
> HahnBanach-theory within the Isabelle library. However, I
> do not see how to define functions like "the product of
> two vector spaces" (which would map two instantiations of
> the locale to a third instantiation of the locale) for
> such a locale. Is there any way to define such functions?

When you use locales you get a predicate which describes your locale.

locale vector_space = 
  fixes zero, add, ...
  assumes "..."

To prove that a product of two vector spaces is again a vector space,
you can use the predicates:

lemma vector_space_product:
  assumes "vector_space z1 add1 ..."
  assumes "vector_space z2 add2 ..."
  shows "vector_space (z1, z2) ..."
proof -
  (* Use interpret to get all you locale lemmas and definitions *)
  interpret vs1: vector_space z1 add1 ... by fact
  interpret vs2: vector_space z2 add2 ... by fact

  show ?thesis ...

> Or is there perhaps another "standard" or "recommended"
> way to define such structures in Isabelle/HOL?

The recommended way is to use locales. Even type classes are based on

Often the locale parameters for algebraic structures are packaged into a

record 'v 'k vector_space = 'v monoid +
  scalar :: "'k => 'v => 'v"

See also src/HOL/Algebra for application of locales to algebraic


> Best regards,
> Henning

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