[isabelle] thread creation failed


I have a fairly large Isabelle development and I am trying to create html and 
latex documents based on it.  

However, attempting to run the session results (after running for a while) in 
the following error: "thread creation failed".  

I also attach the log file produced.  Presumably the problem is caused by the 
size of the development. (?)   

Thank you in advance for any possible advice on how to work around this.  

(Here is some more info: I am working with Cygwin (with the packages recommended 
from the Isabelle site) 

under Windows 7, 
with a processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M540 @ 2.53GHz
and RAM 4GB (2.43 GB usable).

I have tried with both Isabelle-2009-1 and Isabelle-2009-2.  Occasionally
I also get this error when working interactively in Isabelle in emacs (just in 
the middle of some theory, when 

moving to a new definition or lemma), but interactively I am usually able to run 
all the scripts.)

Best regards, 


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