[isabelle] Cygwin/jEdit works


installing Isabelle2009-2_bundle_x86-cygwin.tar.gz <http://isabelle.in.tum.de/dist/Isabelle2009-2_bundle_x86-cygwin.tar.gz> works perfect ! We have 7 notebooks from teachers (with 3 different kinds of Windows ;-) and had immediate succes with starting jEdit on all of them.

We are going to use jEdit in a course and are running into problems now: For the course we need our own binary 'Isac', which we succesfully built on cygwin. Now we copy Isac to the other notebooks, because some of them are too small to build HOL.

Now we observe a strange behaviour on two of the notebooks: After
0 $ cp Isac /usr/local/Isabelle/heaps/polyml-5.3.0_x86-linux/
the following starts ...
1 $ /usr/local/Isabelle/isabelle jedit Scratch &
... such that Plugin/Isabelle works.
2 $ /usr/local/Isabelle/isabelle jedit -l Isac &
starts jedit as well, but Plugin/Isabelle gives error 'Failed to start Isabelle process' together with a window just containing '>'.

Then angain trying 1 above (which was successful before), we get the same error as in 2 (without -l Isac !). This strange behavior occurs just on two of the notebooks. The error seems not to be specific to jedit, but we don't want install emacs to check this.

Where should we start to look at ?


PS: These 2 notebooks only have 1 GB of memory.

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