[isabelle] Announcement: New Isabelle IRC channel on Freenode


I'm new to Isabelle and I noticed a lack of IRC channel for getting help
with Isabelle questions.

I created a channel named #isabelle on irc.freenode.net, so stop by and idle
for a while :)

Why IRC?
IRC can be an effective way to communicate in the open source world.  For
example, the #haskell IRC channel is very helpful for answering questions
and getting quick turnaround or interactive help.  It's nice for things that
are urgent or easy to fix.  Especially for beginners who seem to run into
every conceivable obstacle (like me!).  It's especially nice for doing
"question exchanges".  You come by, ask a question, and then stick around
long enough to answer someone else's question thereby paying your karma

My name on freenode is lispy.

See you on freenode!

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