Re: [isabelle] Announcement: New Isabelle IRC channel on Freenode

Hi Jason,

Jason Dagit wrote:
As a follow up to this, I took the liberty of creating an Isabelle

It's a great place to post announcements, updates, conference papers, and
other news items relevant to Isabelle.

Actually, the right place to post such things is this mailing list.

There is of course nothing wrong in posting elsewhere, too, but at least I am not very keen on having to follow yet another medium regularly.

I can see some use for the IRC channel for getting quick help for newbies (provided there is someone lurking there who can help you), but this isn't established, so I don't know if it will actually work for us.

Note that the Isabelle community is fairly small, compared to e.g. Haskell (my personal estimate: factor of 10-15). Having "too much infrastructure" isn't necessarily beneficial, since it can lead to fragmentation.


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