Re: [isabelle] Cygwin/jEdit works

On Fri, 3 Dec 2010, Walther Neuper wrote:

installing Isabelle2009-2_bundle_x86-cygwin.tar.gz <> works perfect !

Now we observe a strange behaviour on two of the notebooks: After
0 $ cp Isac /usr/local/Isabelle/heaps/polyml-5.3.0_x86-linux/
the following starts ...

I suppose you have copied an actual x86-cygwin image here, not x86-linux?

starts jedit as well, but Plugin/Isabelle gives error 'Failed to start Isabelle process' together with a window just containing '>'.

PS: These 2 notebooks only have 1 GB of memory.

This could well be the startup timeout, which is 10s by default. See options.isabelle.startup-timeout in Isabelle.props of the plugin, although I can't say on the spot how to change that in the published version without rebuilding the plugin.

Running Isabelle/jEdit with as little as 1 GB is a bit ambitious anyway. In the local course that we had 2 weeks ago, we required 2 GB as minimum and that was already tight.


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