Re: [isabelle] How do I do stone age interaction?

On Wed, 8 Dec 2010, Alexander Krauss wrote:

Maybe for the latter meaning one could read 'Isar' as '*Is*abelle *ar*chitecture'. It was initially introduced to support the language, but it is now central to the whole system.

In other words, the current model is roughly

(4) Isabelle/ML embedded into Isar
(3) Isar language
(2) Isar infrastructure
(1) Raw ML toplevel (provided by compiler)

Very nice explanation -- including all your other text from above that I have suppressed for brevity. I did not know the wording of Isar as *Is*abelle *ar*chitecture' so far.

There is little left to add, apart from (5) Isabelle/Scala and (6) Prover IDE. The latter already helps a lot in exploring Isabelle/ML right now, and at a later stage raw ML access will return for bare bones system maintenance, but that is not very signifant compared to many other things that are still missing.


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