Re: [isabelle] One more lemma to add to Isabelle/ZF

--- On Sat, 12/18/10, Alexander Krauss <krauss at> wrote:
> when I said "contributions are welcome", this was not an
> invitation to spam this list with spontaneous proposals of
> trivial
> lemmas, some of which you haven't even proved! Please stop
> doing
> this, as it is just a waste of everybody's time!

You may want to direct your questions and proposals to the IsarMathLib mailing list ( ) instead of the Isabelle mailing list. Very few Isabelle users are interested in Isabelle/ZF. 
If you decide to contribute to IsarMathLib, please read the style guide at first. 
Note that Isabelle and IsarMathLib are separate projects and you shouldn't expect that your contributions to IsarMathLib will be automatically included in Isabelle distribution.



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