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I am presently using the function package in a course; specifically, I
am letting the students prove the rules of a Hoare calculus for partial
correctness over a simple imperative language. The recursive definition
of the semantics is, of course, a partial function, with clauses such as

"Sem (c1 ;;; c2) s = Sem c2 (Sem c1 s)"

where ;;; is sequential composition. Now from a clause such as the above
one would wish to conclude a strictness lemma, in the case of sequential

lemma seq_dom: "Sem_dom (c1;;;c2, s) ==>  Sem_dom (c1, s) &
Sem_dom (c2, Sem c1 s)"

Indeed this can be proved, but the only way I found is somewhat
involved: as indicated in the tutorial for the function package, one can
use the fact that Sem_dom is accp Sem_rel, and apply accp_downward in
connection with Sem_rel.intros. However, one then runs across a somewhat
hidden feature: Sem_rel.intros mentions Sem_sumC, not Sem, and one needs
to unfold the definition of Sem in terms of Sem_sumC to make things work
as expected.

Am I overlooking something? One sort of suspects that strictness
assertions such as the above might be available neatly packaged, say as
"Sem.strictness" or so...



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