Re: [isabelle] code_include SML and eval

Hi Peter,

> I have written some code-generation setup that requires on an additional
> module.
> What is the recommended way to include this additional module into the
> generated code?
> I tried:
> code_include SML "Foo" {*
>  structure Foo = struct
>    exception Bar;
>  end;
> *}

For syntactic reasons includes containing structures produce not always
valid code (let structure Foo = ... in ... end is not valid SML!).

Without the surrounding structure, it should work.  Perhaps what you
actually want is something like:

	axiomatization bar :: 'a
	code_abort bar

which produces an exception:

	export_code bar in SML file -

> And what is code_include good for?

It is one of the things you should try to get along without...

Hope this helps,



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