Re: [isabelle] Aqumacs Emacs fails to cut **.thy!

Dear David,

This seems to be a known (and very annoying) feature and I am not sure
there is a known fix. I remember that on some emacses it makes a
difference whether you use the emacs cut and paste command or the
systems ones (apple-C and apple-V). In the end I went back to xemacs
21.4, but that no longer works on Mac OS 10.6, snow leopard (I am still
on 10.5.8).


david streader schrieb:
> Hi
>     I am using isabelle  on a mac with the downloaded  disk image 
> containing  aqumacs emacs.
> All works with the exception of cut and paste.  Cut fails to do any
> thing and paste often pastes the last but one copy.  And this is only
> true for **.thy the Haskell files  **.hs files  can be edited just fine.
> I have tried updateing aqumacs 1.7 that came with isabelle to version
> 1.9 but the problem persists.
> Any ideas how to fix this?
>  david streader

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