[isabelle] Call for Votes on bids to host ITP-2011

Bidding has now closed for ITP-2011, and the bids can be viewed at 


Voting is now open to decide which bid should be adopted. If you are
seriously thinking of attending ITP-2011, then you may vote. Please
read the bids and judge them by the plans as a whole: are the
facilities appropriate? Are the transportation links adequate? Do you
have confidence in the organisers?

TPHOLs had a tradition of alternating between Europe and North
America, but bids were opened world-wide since the first call for bids
was unsuccessful. It is up to you, the electorate, to decide which
location will be best for 2011.

Voting will be by single transferable vote: each ballot will consist
of your preferences in decreasing order. Votes will be counted in a
series of rounds until a candidate wins a majority. At each round, the
least popular candidate will be eliminated. Your second choice vote
will only be counted if your first choice candidate is eliminated, and
so forth. This system is known by many other names: instant run-off
voting (IRV), alternative vote (AV), etc.

To ensure that your ballot is counted, please adhere carefully to
following formatting instructions.  List your choices from most to
least preferable (any positive number of choices up to five is
acceptable).  For example, the following ballot (with fictitious
choices) indicates a preference first for Alice, then for Bob, and so


Each choice should be one of the tags shown on the above web page:
China, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, or USA.

Send your vote by March 1, by email to Matt Kaufmann,
kaufmann at cs.texas.edu.

Matt Kaufmann and Larry Paulson (ITP-10 co-chairs)

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