Re: [isabelle] Loose bound variable

Hi Jasmin,

thank you for the explanation.

*** exception TYPE raised (line 341 of "sign.ML"): Loose bound variable: B.4
*** At command "apply".

What does this error message mean?

Isabelle's internal representation of lambda-terms uses de Bruijn indices for bound variables. Errors like these usually mean that there's a rather bad bug in some code that directly manipulates term (e.g., some code that removes a lambda abstraction forgot to decrement te bound variable indices).

And how can I avoid it? Is there something wrong with my simplifier setup?

Is there anything _special_ about your simplifier setup?
No, not really. I have added some lemmas to the simp set, but that's about all. In particular, I haven't written any simpprocs.

If you like, I can send you my Isabelle2009-1/HOL theories such that you can reproduce the error and try to find bug.


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