[isabelle] Should isatool document preparation preserve timestamps while copying?

Dear All,

Is there any reason that isatool does not preserve timestamps when copying document/ into (say) generated/ ? I was under the impression that we should put the document skeleton into document/, run the session using isatool (so it generates .tex files in generated/) and then invoke make inside generated/ to create the document itself. However, as it stands, constructing anything inside generated/ confuses make.

Example: my generated/Makefile generates .pdf files from .svg graphics for pdflatex as needed. If isatool copies the .svg files from document/, they are always newer than the .pdf files in generated/, thereby always undergoing the conversion process. If .pdf files are placed in document/, they are copied across at the same time as the .svg files, meaning they most likely have the same timestamp, which means that even if the .svg file was changed, the .pdf will not be updated.

My current solution to this is to tell isatool not to copy anything, and then do the copying manually, like so:
    cd ..; $(USEDIR) $(BASE_IMAGE) $(SESSION)
    rsync -av -c -H document/ generated
USEDIR = $(ISATOOL) usedir -v true -i false -d false -D generated -C false

Is there something obvious I'm missing here? I just don't see the reason not to preserve the timestamps during the copy...


Rafal Kolanski.

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