Re: [isabelle] Equal on function objects

Hi John,

lemma (in loc) lem1: "ALL p. func2 p = func1 p * func3 p"
  using ax1 ax2
  by (metis divide_le_eq divide_less_eq order_eq_refl order_less_irrefl xt1(11))

lemma (in loc) lem2:
  assumes "loc"
  shows "func2 = (%s. func1 s * func3 s)"
  using lem1
  by auto

Does anyone know why having lem1 as a fact is insufficient to complete
the proof?
You must tell auto explicitly to use function extensionality. Both

by(auto intro: ext)


by(auto simp: expand_fun_eq)

work for your example lemma. expand_fun_eq is more aggressive because it also works on the assumptions.

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