Re: [isabelle] Should isatool document preparation preserve timestamps while copying?

On Mon, 22 Feb 2010, Rafal Kolanski wrote:

Makarius wrote:
USEDIR = $(ISATOOL) usedir -v true -i false -d false -D generated -C false

Using -D generated is indeed the usual way to achieve any custom behaviour, beyond that what the example setup of the document preparation tool is doing.

I understand, but that isn't my problem. The issue I'm having is that everything copied into generated by isabelle during the document generation process is timestamped with the time of the document generation process, not the timestamps of the original files in the document directory.

Alternatively, you can use "-D document" to dump the generated sources into that very same directly, and of course keep "-C false". Or you dump to a completely different place and adjust the make file accordingly.

No need to copy your other files at all.

If I use -C false and rsync, make will notice that blah.pdf is newer than blah.svg and not run the conversion.

rsync is part of the answer why special behaviour is avoided by default: it is not part of the classic Unix canon of tools. Even just plain cp is very delicate: hardly any of the more advanced options are universally available.

The usual Isabelle tool policy is to make things work by default, rather than building too much sophistication into it. (Which does not mean that the usedir and document tools are not infected by creeping featuritis.)

So I should use $ISABELLE_TOOL instead of $ISATOOL? I don't actually use the lowercase 'isatool' anywhere. I was porting the IsaMakefile which had $ISATOOL in it, and it turned out that in 2009-1 that magically did the right thing (invoked isabelle instead of isatool), so I kept it.

Yes, the ISATOOL setting variable is offically marked as "legacy" since Isabelle2009 -- see the start of that version's NEWS: "Simplified main Isabelle executables ...".


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