Re: [isabelle] Any way to deactivate multithreading in Isabelle 2009-1?

Hi Thomas,

Is there any simple way to deactivate multithreading in Isabelle? I'm using Isabelle 2009-1 with PolyML 5.3, and I'm seeing multithreading for the first time.

I've seen it done as follows:

ML {* Multithreading.max_threads := 1 *}
ML {* Goal.parallel_proofs := 0 *}

Better use ISABELLE_USEDIR_OPTIONS in your .isabelle/etc/settings, then you do not need to change the actual sources. The relevant options are -M (number of threads) and -q (level of parallel proof checking). See also Sect. 3.4 of the Isabelle System Manual, where these options are described.

The failures you are experiencing might be a memory problem: Memory usage grows with the number of cores used...


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