Re: [isabelle] Any way to deactivate multithreading in Isabelle 2009-1?

On Wed, 24 Feb 2010, Gerwin Klein wrote:

The options -M and -q in isabelle usedir govern the settings for multithreading.

Putting in your ~/.isabelle/etc/settings


should do what you want. Random crashes on HOL are still disconcerting, though.

Indeed, and it should not happen. (Which does not mean that I did not see all kinds of weird crashes in earlier versions of the system.)

Can you give some details about your hardware and operating system? It might be even a strange C library that is dynamically linked against our prebuilt Poly/ML binaries.

Since multithreading is already commonplace -- and the next version of the toplevel will not work without it -- one really needs to isolate the remaining problems now.


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