[isabelle] Using Word, Map and Set in Haskabelle


I have downloaded the latest version of Isabelle, and am trying to use Haskabelle to translate a Haskell file into Isabelle. The Haskell file I am trying to convert imports Data.Word, Data.Map and Data.Set, which I believe should all have Isabelle equivalents, though I am having trouble telling that to Haskabelle. I tried following the instructions in the documentation and adding an adaption for Word, under the "types" section,
  "Data.Word.Word"      "32 word"
 but it still gives the the following error message:
<interactive>: user error (The module "Data.Word" imported from module "Test.Model" cannot be found at "../Data/Word.hs"!)

Any advice on how to get these working would be greatly appreciated.

Andrew Boyton

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