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                         1st Call for Papers

                              PAR 2010

  Workshop on Partiality And Recursion in Interactive Theorem Provers
                     Edinburgh, UK, 15 July 2010
                   (satellite workshop of ITP'10)
                       a mid-FLoC 2010 workshop



PAR'10 workshop is a venue for researchers working on new approaches
to cope with partial functions and terminating general (co)recursion
in theorem provers.

Theorem provers with inductive types provide a restricted programming
language together with a formal meta-theory for reasoning about the
language.  When propositions are represented as types and proofs as
programs, non-terminating proofs are disallowed for consistency and
decidability of type checking.  As a result, there is no trivial way
to represent partial functions, and termination is syntactically
ensured by imposing that the recursive calls must be made on
structurally smaller arguments. Similar issues exist for productivity
of functions on infinite objects where syntactic methods are used to
ensure an infinite flow of data. The workshop aims to address these
issues and various approaches for dealing with them.

We invite submissions on all aspects of partiality and termination of
general (co)recursive functions in a logical framework.

The topics of this workshop include but are not limited to:

* partial functions and functions over partial objects in theorem

* specialised type systems for general (co)recursion;

* syntactical tests to guarantee termination of general recursive

* syntactical tests to guarantee productivity of functions on infinite

* methods to ensure termination of special classes of recursion
  definitions, eg nested recursion, simultaneous inductive-recursive
  data types and functions;

* semantic approaches to termination and productivity, eg based on
  domain theory and topology;

* categorical approaches to termination and productivity;

* algebra of programming with partial functions and general

Description of software tools and case studies for dealing with the
issues in the scope of the workshop are welcome.

The articles will be evaluated by the PC for publication in the
proceedings of the workshop. The final proceedings will be published
after the workshop as a special issue of EPTCS and a preliminary
version will be available during the workshop.

The articles must contain original contributions, be clearly written,
and include appropriate reference to and comparison with related
work. Submissions should preferably not exceed 16 pages (excluding
bibliography). Submissions must be prepared in LaTeX using the EPTCS
macro package <http://style.eptcs.org/>.

The web-based system EasyChair will be used for submission

Important dates
* 29 March 2010: Submission deadline
* 29 April 2010: Notification of acceptance
* 24 May 2010: Final version of accepted papers
* 15 July 2010: the workshop

Invited Speakers
* Conor McBride (University of Strathclyde)

Programme Committee
Andreas Abel (Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, D)
Yves Bertot (INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, FR)
Ana Bove (Chalmers University of Technology, SE)
Ekaterina Komendantskaya (University of St Andrews, UK)
Ralph Matthes (IRIT Toulouse, FR)
Milad Niqui (CWI, NL)
Anton Setzer (Swansea University, UK)

Ana Bove
Ekaterina Komendantskaya
Milad Niqui

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