Re: [isabelle] Update on I3P

Hi Joachim,

>  * Using the IsabelleText TrueType font that comes with Isabelle-2009-2,
> I can not display a few special characters, especially \<guillemotleft>,
> \<guillemotright> and \<one>. These are shown as a black square. Is that
> a problem with i3p, the font, or something else?
>  * Calligraphic math (e.g. \<F>) is shown as "\<F>". A unicode codepoint
> is available for that: U+2131 SCRIPT CAPITAL F. Could this be improved?
Thanks for pointing this out; these issues are fixed.

Also, I have taken the opportunity to add to the theory editor
an auto-completion box which pops up when you start typing a symbol
name with \<... and can also be triggered as usual by Ctrl-space.

Those who have already installed I3P, just use "check for updates".

Thanks to Makarius for pointing out that there is an official stable
mapping from symbol encodings to Unicode characters.


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