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> I'm trying to prove a simple lemma, but am stuck at the last proof step:
> lemma test_wrong:
> fixes f :: "real => real"
> shows "(EX x y. fx ~= fy) --> ~(EX x y. fx > fy)"
> apply (rule impI)
> apply (rule notE)
> apply auto
> goal (1 subgoal):
> 1. !!(x::real) y::real. fx ~= fy --> False
> I think I'm supposed to let x be y, but how do I do that in Isar? Also, is  
> what I've done so far reasonable?

this might be a copy’n’paste problem, but did you really write "fx"
instead of "f x"? Then "fx" becomes a variable, independent of your
function f and the parameters x and y, and the lemma would be unprovable
(e.g. with fx = 0 and fy = 1).


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