Re: [isabelle] Printing instantiations

Hi Steve,

> lemma test: "EX x. F x < 0"
> How can I extract the instantiation of the variable x? I've tried adding
> full_prf; after show ?thesis with apply auto, but I keep getting an
> error saying 'minimal proof object'. That said, I actually would like to
> obtain the internal representation of the instantiation instead. In
> essence, I want to find a way to know that 'x' in the lemma is
> instantiated to 'c' and obtain the internal representation of it.

to inspect proofs, you have to use the image "HOL-Proofs" (containing
proof terms) instead of "HOL" and turn proof objects on by selecting
"Full proofs" from the Isabelle settings menu.

Hope this helps,



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