Re: [isabelle] can u pls help me!


	You can start by taking a look in the subdirectory src/HOL/Auth in Isabelle's distribution. There is a set of examples from classics to deployed protocols. A very helpful reading is Giampaolo Bella's book on Security Protocol Verification. Larry Paulson's website also has a very good repository of documentation for you to start.

On 24 Jun 2010, at 21:17, pho thar wrote:

> hello anyone 
> i m master student n now i m doing my thesis about 
> verify the online purchase protocol..
> so, if u don't hv too much 
> trouble, can i get the sample code for this kind of topic n aslo which 
> documentation do u recommand to read...
> u can give me any 
> suggestion for my topic n i will be really tnkful for any suggestion n 
> idea...
> tnks n regards
> Htoo Aung Maw 		 	   		  
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