[isabelle] building the document fails on Windows

I am trying to build the document for a number of theories in Windows.

I am using the the IsaMakeFile:

## targets

default: marking
test: marking

all: images test

## global settings

LOG = $(OUT)/log

USEDIR = $(ISABELLE_TOOL) usedir -v true -i true -d pdf  ## -D generated

## marking

marking: $(LOG)/HOL-marking.gz

$(LOG)/HOL-marking.gz: ROOT.ML document/root.tex *.thy
   @$(USEDIR) HOL .

## clean

   @rm -f $(LOG)/HOL-marking.gz

The command isabelle make exits with the following output:

*** Output written on root.pdf (46 pages, 177729 bytes).
*** Transcript written on root.log.
*** Document preparation failure in directory '/cygdrive/c/users/viorel/.isabelle/browser_info/HOL/./document'
*** Failed to build document "/cygdrive/c/users/viorel/.isabelle/browser_info/HOL/./document.pdf"

make: *** [/cygdrive/c/users/viorel/.isabelle/heaps/Isabelle2009-1/polyml-5.3.0_x86-cygwin/log/HOL-marking.gz] Error 1

The file root.pdf seems to be OK, as well as the generated html files.

Best regards,

Viorel Preoteasa

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