Re: [isabelle] Help to Build Latest Isabelle Release?

On Tue, 4 May 2010, M. Wu wrote:

Does anyone know how to build the Latest Release of Isabelle?

My Isabelle (version Isabelle2009-1) runs correctly, after building the new
release successfully. tar -C /usr/local -xzf Isabelle_03-May-2010.tar.gz

Isabelle2009-1 *is* the latest release.

Building (or even using) an arbitrary development snapshot is quite adventurous, i.e. you make yourself an alpha tester of an arbitrary point in the history. Incoming changes can be browsed via and make sure to check that the performance charts on do not indicate serious problems.

The right place to discuss arbitrary Isabelle snapshots is the isabelle-dev mailing list.

An error occurred when running Isabelle: Missing Proof General installation (PROOFGENERAL_HOME) I am pretty sure that the proof general is installed, I am not familiar with Isabelle installation. I wonder if someone know what is the problem.

See the Isabelle system manual how settings work. You somehow need to point to an existing Proof General version, or symlink from Isabelle/contrib/ProofGeneral etc. Check with the official Isabelle bundle of Isabelle2009-1 how it can be done. There will be more handiwork than just adjusting Proof General.


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