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                   Last Call for Papers (Extended Abstracts)

        7th Workshop on Fixed Points in Computer Science, FICS 2010
                Brno, Czech Republic, August 21-22 2010
                a satellite workshop to MFCS & CSL 2010


Important dates

June 13 : paper submission deadline
July 10 : author notification
August 21-22 : workshop in Brno


Fixed points play a fundamental role in several areas of computer
science and logic by justifying induction and recursive
definitions. The construction and properties of fixed points have been
investigated in many different frameworks such as: design and
implementation of programming languages, program logics,
databases. The aim of the workshop is to provide a forum for
researchers to present their results to those members of the computer
science and logic communities who study or apply the theory of fixed
points. Previous workshops were held in Brno (1998, MFCS/CSL
workshop), Paris (2000, LC workshop), Florence (2001, PLI workshop),
Copenhagen (2002, LICS (FLoC) workshop), Warsaw (2003, ETAPS
workshop), Coimbra (2009, CSL workshop).

Topics include, but are not restricted to:

    * categorical, metric and ordered fixed point models
    * fixed points in algebra and coalgebra
    * fixed points in languages and automata
    * fixed points in programming language semantics
    * the mu-calculus and fixed points in modal logic
    * fixed points in process algebras and process calculi
    * fixed points in the lambda-calculus,
        functional programming and type theory
    * fixed points in relation to dataflow and circuits
    * fixed points in logic programming and theorem proving
    * finite model theory, descriptive complexity theory,
        fixed points in databases

Invited speakers

    * Arnaud Carayol, Laboratoire d'informatique Gaspard-Monge.
    * Panos Rondogiannis, University of Athens.
    * Dale Miller, INRIA and LIX.

Contributed talks

Selection of contributed talks is based on extended abstracts/short
papers of 3...6 pp formatted with easychair.cls. Submission is via
EasyChair, by *June 13 2010*. The authors will be notified of
acceptance/rejection by July 10 2010.  Camera-ready versions of the
accepted contributions will be published for distribution at the
workshop as a technical report.

Journal publication

If the number and quality of submissions and accepted talks warrant
this, EDP Sciences will publish a special issue of Theoretical
Informatics and Applications. With one exception, the special issues
of the previous FICS editions appeared in this journal. The special
issue of FICS 2009 will also appear there.

FICS Program Committee

Thorsten Altenkirch (University of Nottingham)
Giovanna d'Agostino (University of Udine)
Peter Dybjer (Chalmers University of Technology)
Zoltán Ésik (University of Szeged)
Anna Ingólfsdóttir (Reykjavík University)
Gerhard Jäger (University of Bern)
Ralph Matthes (IRIT, Toulouse)
Andrzej Murawski (University of Oxford)
Damian Niwinski (Warsaw University)
Luigi Santocanale (LIF, Marseille)
Alex Simpson (University of Edinburgh)
Jean-Marc Talbot  (LIF, Marseille)
Tarmo Uustalu (Institute of Cybernetics, Tallinn)
Yde Venema (University of Amsterdam)
Igor Walukiewicz (LaBRI, Bordeaux)


Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Marseille
Université de Provence

Luigi Santocanale

LIF/CMI Marseille  				Tél: 04 91 11 35 74
http://www.cmi.univ-mrs.fr/~lsantoca/		Fax: 04 91 11 36 02				

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