Re: [isabelle] NEW AFP entry: Shivers' Control Flow Analysis

Am 17.11.2010 um 23:07 schrieb Brian Huffman:

> It is a more obvious that HOL-Nominal is built in Isabelle/HOL, since
> "HOL-" is a prefix of its name. (Also, it helps that HOL-Nominal
> resides in a subdirectory of src/HOL in the distribution, instead of
> being adjacent to ZF, FOL, etc. which really are distinct logics from
> HOL.) Maybe the same things could help clear up the confusion with
> HOLCF? Moving the HOLCF directory would be easy to do. But instead of
> just "HOLCF", maybe it could be labeled as "HOL-HOLCF", or "HOL-LCF",
> or "HOL-CF"? I suppose I shouldn't take a name-change lightly, though,
> since "HOLCF" is a recognized brand. Any suggestions?

The name HOLCF is nice and established, and the main issue is the confusing directory structure. Fixing the directory structure would yield "~~/src/HOL/HOLCF" and "HOL-HOLCF".


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