[isabelle] News from the River Elbe

Hello all,
here is a brief report of my activities connected to Isabelle. a) The
work on (the windows portion of) the Columbo project is being continued,
the software is now able to produce Isabelle lemmata and as soon as it
is able to generate complete *.thy files, I will show up with some
samples again. b) Now the standard edition, called Elbe, finally carries
version number 1.0. It was a long way to have this release.Elbe might be
useful in editing Isabelle files in a windows environment, print preview
them and a lot more (for other languages).  The download link is
http://cococo.de/Context_IT_GmbH/index.jsp?content=elbe .
So, happy reasoning from here in Ahrensburg, Germany,

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